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Full HD media players and picture frames support SMIL by W3C for seamless development. Fast, flexible delivery with standard-based development APIs. Information on resources can be found here. ››

About us


SMIL-Player is dedicated to the development of marketleading state-of-the-art commercial digital signage players and integrated displays.

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What is digital signage?

The term "Digital Signage" covers the use of digital media content for advertising and information systems such as electronic posters, in-shop advertising (instore TV) and large-scale projections.

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Do you speak "SMIL"?

Originally developed for web applications, the SMIL Standard has increasingly become established in the digital signage sector, as it covers multimedia elements such as audio, video text and graphics for playing on suitable media players.

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100% compatible with LionDATA video over CATX

All SMIL player systems are 100% compatible with the current LionDATA video over CATX signal distribution standard in digital signage. Save licensing costs by distributing the SMIL player content to up to 1000 screens over the LionDATA video over CATX signal distribution - via the network cable and IP.

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